Thanks for asking — we do digital design, development and consultancy.


Who we are

  • We're a small team of design and tech pros, passionate to deliver great looking products that are exactly right for our clients' needs — and the needs of their users.
  • Brave Media is headed by Chris Maigler, who has an outstanding record creating UX and design work for large brands and organisations such as IGN Entertainment, ArcelorMittal, The Electoral Commission, Eurostar, Groundwork UK, RedBull Racing, Bupa, Jones Lang LaSalle, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, and a string of UK universities.
  • Collectively we have well over 20 years professional experience in the industry.


What makes us different

  • We often work in the intersection of branding and online technology. Our background means we understand both worlds and know how to bring them together in great products.
  • It also means we can take into account technical constraints or possibilities right in the design and conception phase of a project. This allows us to plan better and to control project time and cost.
  • Working with global brands and agencies requires meticulous attention to detail, all-round technical competence and total reliability - we bring these skills to all our projects, large or small.


How we work

  • Our first priority is to understand and find out what exactly your business or organisation needs – this is why we like to meet clients and discuss their project, instead of hard-selling you a solution you may not need.
  • Our work processes are flexible, allowing us to work with a wide range of clients — from public and educational sector, global brands, as well as small and medium businesses and startups.
  • After many years in the industry we have a roster of trusted and reliable external resources which we can integrate into bigger projects on demand - this allows us to turn around large projects very quickly.


What we enjoy

  • We love working with great clients and fun people.
  • The best projects set us a challenge to go further and do better,
  • The best clients are passionate about using the web to create better tools for their business.
  • The best projects work well for us, the client and their end users.


If you like what you see on this website we would really like to hear from you.